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Black screen on mavic 2pro

We tried to use the mavic 2 pro for radial gates inspection and modeling using pix4dcapture. We’re using ng an android mobile phone. However, we only displays a black screen instead of a camera view. so we can’t what we are taking pictures of. we tried it with three different phones, but still it won’t work. camera view works in dji go 4 but not in pix4dcapture. and pix4dcapture had camera feed just early this year. so why is this happening? is there a problem with the settings?

Hi Regina,

The camera view for the Mavic 2 Pro has not been implemented on the Android version of Pix4Dcapture You can find back this information here. .It will be released in a future version.
In the meantime, if the camera view is very important for the flight plans you are making, I would suggest using the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture.

Best regards,

+1 for implementing camera view on mavic 2 pro. IT IS FUNDAMENTAL to control exposure. Unfortunately is very easy to touch the direct control wheel for exposure without notice on this specific bird, and it will ruin completely the work if you cannot monitor live the camera.
Is strange that video streaming does not work on Android, I supposed the app was fully supported on proprietary dji advanced smart controller, Which I think runs on android.