bad result of texture in some places

Hello everyone, I have a definition problem at some point of the 3D mesh and   
the texture generated in normal resolution. Is it due to a   
lack of a polygon at the mesh or should we add oblique images  
 on these zones.  
Thank's in advance  
Best regards. ![]( ![](


This seems to be the same issue you have addressed in this post: 

Instead of creating a new post, please add a comment to the first post when you have additional information on the same question.

Regarding your question, I believe that adding some oblique images should improve the texture of the facades. 

Hello, Sorry for the duplicate message. So I'll add obliques and check the result. Thank you for your reply

Ok, let us know :) 

I can produce similar results in my projects just by changing settings in Pix4D…more images is almost always better but the best processing settings need to be a focus as well.

I see enough detail that it should look much better so while more images, oblique or not, may improve the project, I really believe it is the settings chosen in Pix4D that are the root cause of this issue.

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