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poor quality mesh

Even though fine detail is evident in the images, the quality of the mesh is poor. In the attached image you can see the wires and attachment detail within the mesh, but they are contained within a general blob grey data. How can I improved the quality of the output mesh short of using other software. I have seen plenty of examples of Pix4d mesh data online but no one can explain how the got there

Did you use the defaults for mesh creation?

no I use 3d model settings and high resolution


I can refer you to some articles of ours where you can find some hints on how to improve the results of mesh.

How to improve the Outputs of Pix4D Desktop

How to improve the 3D textured mesh

Edit and improve the 3D textured mesh

Quality of mesh output

Currently, our team works on the 3D textured mesh improvement thus we can expect better outputs in the future.