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Automatic point cloud classification of wires

Hi, we are doing a 2D Mapping Survey of a village. where people are hooking wires over the live wire to draw current. Our client is looking for classifying the point cloud of the wires alone, where the wires thickness might be around 3Cms. What would be the appropriate height and the required overlapping to get the wires in point cloud. And can Pix4d can be trained to detect automatic classification of those point clouds.

Hi @karthikdrt,

Its tough, but possible to get 3 cm wires in a capture. High resolution good light, and some obliques will help. Way to generate wires/conductors of power lines has some tips that might help you.

As for classification, no, we can’t do that at the moment. Pix4Dsurvey does have some manual classification tools, but its not automatically possible.


No we don’t
want the transformer wires, We need to classify the wires lying over the top of the building (Terrace) . For example, I have attached a photo for your reference where I have circled a cable that is lying over the top of the building(Terrace). This kind of wires need to be classified and extracted.

@karthikdrt, the classification that is implemented in Pix4Dsurvey is able to distinguish between terrain and non-terrain points. Looking at the image you shared, the wire on the top of the roof will most probably not be detected by the automatic algorithm.

What you could try is manually extracting the wires by vectorizing them.


Can you please help me how to vectorize them