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Point Cloud Classification?

Is there any way to bring the point cloud classification from Mapper through into Survey? Or at least classify within survey?

I had a job recently where the terrain filter wasn’t much use and I kept getting points from my grid within a hedge. I would have liked to just select the area and disable or classify it but couldn’t see how.

I also would like to select areas outside of my “survey area” and disable them so I don’t generate a grid for them.

As it stands I’m essentially drawing these boundaries in, exporting the grid and boundary into CAD and removing what I don’t want, it would be much easier to do it within this software, particularly as if I reimport my grid dxf it imported as normal layer, not grid.

Hi @mikeg, at the moment it is not possible to directly import the point cloud classification from Pix4Dmapper into Pix4Dsurvey. For example, if you import the Pix4Dmapper project or the point cloud generated in Pix4Dmapper, the classes are not recognized.

As a workaround, I would recommend exporting the point cloud from Pix4Dmapper interface. You can select which classes are exported. This way you will be able to only export the classes that you edited. More here: How to export the Point Cloud.

I can understand the need to define the area you are interested in and only generate results there - actually, it’s already reported, and you can up vote it in Implement Clipping box post.