Pointcloud Classification

Hello. Is it possible to include a classification tool / Option in matic, like it is possible in pix4dmapper? (human made objects, ground, high vegetation, road etc.)

Hi @alain.freiburghaus

There is a terrain classification workflow in PIX4Dsurvey: https://www.pix4d.com/product/pix4dsurvey
As well as the possibility to add other classes.
Have you tried that software already?

Could you tell me more about why you need this classification? e.g. what are the use cases you cover? This will help to understand the need. Thanks!

I see this type of response from Pix4D often. In order to get the functionality of Mapper, it now takes two separate products, Matic and Survey. I’ve tried the Matic/Survey combo many times, and Mapper is still superior in most ways. In my opinion, the only advantage to Matic is geoid support, processing speed, and ability to process extremely large projects. Until all the features from Mapper are incorporated into Matic, I won’t be making the change.

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@Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler i would also like to see the automatic Point cloud classification that is included in Mapper in Matic as the Terrain classification in survey is good as long as the site has relatively similar terrain.
I use Mapper & then Survey to achieve an antiquate Ground surface on larger sites (40-180Ha) as there is multiple changes in terrain & features across the site. Having ASPRS Classes when in survey is helpful as i can turn off layers i don’t want included in the terrain classification and create a much better/accurate TIN

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@Andrew_Milanes there is still some work indeed, but we’re getting there. Something that improved quite a lot in recent releases is the 3D Textured Mesh in PIX4Dmatic. It’s worth to test the preview release that will be online in the next couple days, there will be a mesh viewer too! Also, have you tried the PIX4Dcatch workflow for terrestrial acquisitions? One of the highlights is the processing of LiDAR together with the RGB images from the iPhone/iPad sensors. Anyway, we’re getting off topic. Just wanted to highlight a few things from PIX4Dmatic.

@PPGroup thanks for the feedback. My understanding is that you’d like to have a classification that adapts better to sites that have different types of terrain on it. I’ll notify the product manager of PIX4Dsurvey, so that he can take your feedback into account. He might reach out to you for more details.

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Hi Pierrangelo

I have tested the terrain classification in the survey, but it does not work so well if the terrain has different colours (e.g. gravel, hummus, forest soil, marl).
The main goal is to be able to filter out objects that are on a construction site, e.g. construction machines, vehicles, cranes, barriers. This works quite well in the Mapper. However, when I scan with an iPad, this function is missing in matic. Maybe it would even make more sense if the classification was done in Survey, then you could also classify scans from the laser scanner right away.

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Hi @alain.freiburghaus,

Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. I’ll pass on your feedback to our Analytics team. They might reach out to you to ask about example datasets we could use to improve the classification.

If there are more people out there that have requests for improvements of the classification, please add them here. Thanks!

Hello @alain.freiburghaus ,
Analytics team here. Thank you for your feedback. Indeed classification features are available in PIX4Dsurvey.
Indeed the terrain classification feature may not work in all cases, however two other classification features can be useful for you: have you tried the color based classification? It basically allows you to select points based on a color of choice. In addition there is an additional a tool specific to roads/pavements. Let me know how it goes or if you need more info. The feedback is always appreciated!


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If Pix4DMatic will eventually replace Mapper, then it needs to have the same functionality. I don’t want to have to buy two products to achieve the same functionality.

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