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Attach description to annotations + details show in inspector panel

Cloud release: 31 Jan 2018

Today Cloud release features the ability to add a description to any of your annotations or layers, and we moved the layer’s content to the new inspector panel.


Discover the inspector panel

Earlier this year we release the virtual inspector, which let you list and annotates pictures based on a point you selected on a 3D model. That kicks in a new area in our UI, the inspector panel, on the right side of the cloud project viewer. With this release, we now use it to displays the details of every layer and annotation so that we have more room to add analysis and content here. For example, annotation measurements and the DSM histogram are displayed in this area.

Add description to any annotations or layers

We added a description field to all layers and annotations. Displayed in the inspector panel when you focus an element, you can enter free text and even links to add context to your data.

Minor changes

  • We changed the help icons on the 3D View so that it is easier to spot
  • We changed the way we display information about in use add-ons (like the i-Construction add-on available for our Japanese users)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the Japanese translation of the add project button in Pix4D bim timeline
  • Fix an issue that prevented to navigate the mesh view using touch controls on Macbooks

This is awesome! We can now build on this to some really cool features quickly!