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[Android Pix4dC 4.5.0]DJI internal error

Was unable to start mission for Mavic Pro using android because of internal dji error message. Mission was near NFZ but even allowing it in DJI Go it still didn’t start. It showed that mission is too far away but still allowed to proceed. Switched to iOS and it correctly showed that mission cannot be started because it is over maximum distance. Disabled maximum distance and mission launched correctly. Why Andoroid shows this ambiguous message instead of correct error message?




Hi Oto,

Thank you for sharing your experience.
In a general way, Pix4Dcapture will not work in No-Fly-Zone even if unlocked. Third-party applications can not fly waypoints mission in those zones. Also, we recommend making sure that at anytime, the settings of DJI GO 4 are not conflicting with the settings of your mission using Pix4Dcapture. For example this warning/issue may happen if you set a misssion flight height of 80m in Pix4Dcapture but that the Max altitude set in DJI GO 4 is 50m.

Best regards.

Technically it was no NFZ but Enhanched warning zone.

Question is why iOS app shows correct message but Android app is not?

Hi Oto, 

The two applications may have some slight differences in the way it has been implemented up to the difference of the Android and iOS SDK released. I will share it with the developer’s team and the product owner what you reported here.