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Pix4d Capture, No Fly Zone, NFZ

 I’m using Contr + DJI app to start Pix4d Capture. I created a mission at home this morning and the Phantom did exactly as it was supposed to. I drive 50 miles to the location of my next mission and the software will not upload the mission to the Phantom 4 Pro. Dont understand. I’m attempting the flight in a restricted zone, but I have had the drone unlocked to fly this mission and have permission from the airport a couple of miles away.

Is the Pix4d Capture refusing to upload the mission due to the fact I’m in a no fly zone?

Please help

I highly doubt it.

For some reason the app has been acting like a POS for me, daily.

Crashing nonstop during a mission or not even connecting to the drone.

Makes me want to toss the entire set up into the tailings pond

Hi Glen,

We expect the restricted zone option to work with Pix4Dcapture to fly automated missions even though we could not practically test the app in a no-fly area. You should first open DJI GO or DJI GO 4, unlock the no-fly zone option and then fly with our app (learn more).

Note that there is two type of restricted areas. Currently, it should be possible to unlock the Yellow Zones from the DJI GO (4) app, but a DJI verified account is needed (by credit/debit card or phone). The SDK provides a way for other apps to do this also, but it still needs a DJI account. For Red Zones, it is only possible to unlock by contacting DJI by email (they probably need proof of authorization).

You can check this interactive map in order to see in what kind of zones you tried to fly.

We have little feedback on no-fly zones so if you wish to give it a try with Android or/and iOS, we would be glad to learn from your experience.


does this mean that pix4d grid mapping is able to work in a dji-unlocked restricted zone?


because I sent email to fly-safe-dji and they replied 3rd party waypoints are not enabled.

“We don’t support 3rd party apps to use way points after unlocking a no fly zone. We only support GS Pro to do way points. Also,when you fly in the no fly zone,all intelligent features will be disabled.”


has anybody actually successfully do a pix4d grid mapping in a restricted zone using DJI drones?

Hi Ito,

Thank you for your feedback. DJI answer to your question is quite interesting.

To be clear, the current status from Pix4D side is that we have not been able to practically test our application in DJI No-Fly-Zone. Then even if we were expecting our application to work, we could not confirm it.

However, the answer you got from DJI seems to clarify the fact that Pix4Dcapture will not work in NFZ.

If any user got the opportunity to test Android/iOS versions of Pix4Dcapture in NFZ, we will be glad to learn from your experience.
If any changes appear and that we took the opportunity to test the app in a NFZ, we will share the results on this thread.


I’ve been unable to get Pix4D Capture to fly my Phantom 4 Pro into the NFZ from iOS device . I unlocked the area using DJI’s Scheduled Self-Unlocking feature - and I’ve verified that the DJI Go app shows it as unlocked - but the drone simply stops at the edge of the NFZ (it actually looks like it’s trying to get in but can’t). My study area is divided by the NFZ so the mission actually uploads and starts but stops when it gets to the edge.

This is incredibly frustrating and I’m not sure how to get around the problem other than flying it manually using the grid as a guide. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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@Gaël (Pix4D) , can you be more specific as to which zone you mean by NFZ? DJI has listed Restricted, Enhanced warning zones, warning zones, and Authorization zones. 

See the following picture. This is a class D airport and I have DJI unlock authority to fly anywhere on the airport with the DJI Go 4 app. Will Pix4D work after doing the unlock with the DJI Go app? 

In the past, this did not work. Seethis attempt video


@Gaël (Pix4D) that is a terrible suggestion. Having to start the mission but going into GO4, unlock and then to your app. Admitadly all 3rd party apps now have the same issue. DJI have over reached.

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