DJI-unlocked Restricted NFZ 2D grid mapping

Hi, I would like to know if anybody has actually succeeded in doing a 2D grid mapping in a DJI-unlocked restricted NFZ area.


I think it is necessary to make this clear once and for all whether pix4d mobile app can actually perform a waypoint based mission in a DJI-unlocked restricted NFZ.

a certain pix4d representative claimed that pix4d can do an automated mission in restricted areas but also claimed that they never actually tested it which is confusing.


as an explanation, restricted areas are red circles on DJI safety map which could only be unlocked if the drone operator is holding a fly permit from the local authority and attach the permit on an email to DJI to let them give you “an unlock” to that certain red area. 

the problem is, when I contacted DJI about this, they claimed that waypoints in a restricted area only works for GS pro.

this is confusing.


so, has there been anyone who actually succeeded in doing a 2D grid mapping within a DJKI-unlocked restricted NFZ? please tell the details of your flight, did you take off from within the restricted area or outside? what the steps are for performing this mission i.e. turn on drone, open dji-custom-unlocked app, confirm the area is unlocked, then restart drone and then start pix4d? the more detailed the better



Hi Ito,

Thank you for your feedback. Please let’s keep the discussion on this thread where you have already commented in order to avoid multiple threads with similar topics.

I will close this thread for comment.

Thank you for your understanding.