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Geofence overide

Good morning,
I have a mission to fly for a survey of my department complex. It falls within a altitude zone where flight cannot exceed 196 feet or 60 meters. My mission is set for 165 feet or 54 meters. When I go to start I get a geofence error code. I unlocked the airspace of the airport with my DJI software but it still gives me a geofence error. How can I get this mission completed? Is there a way to override this? Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

I have the same type of question. I was next to the airport with all the proper clearances. I could fly the area manually with the DJI GO app. But when I came to that invisible wall near the airport it just stopped and hovered.

Yep. Same problem here. Received authorization via LAANC and an unlock license through DJI. Pix4D refused to allow flight. This isn’t right. Why is a 3rd party software disallowing this? Pix4D should recognize the unlock license when connecting to the drone for that particular flight. So frustrating that I am looking at other flight planning mission options. Appears that UgCS allows the user to disable GeoZone and that’s the way it should be. Either recognize the unlock license file on the drone or allow disabling in the app. Will say though that I have received LAANC authorizations near smaller airports and haven’t had this problem. Also didn’t need DJI unlock license. The particular zone recently where I had the problem was in a blue Authorization Zone. Approved up to 200 feet AGL. And no I did not have the DJI GO 4 app running at the same time so please don’t ask. Did some reading on the topic and saw where Pix4D folks asked this very question. It appears to be a serious bug in their app. Only used DJI GO 4 app to sync the unlock license, to the drone, and closed it before running Capture.

For an alternative program I am going to try the DJI GS Pro. When I looked at it after the fact I saw that it had the geofencing manager and noticed that the air port I was flying by was unlocked, same as the DJI GO app.

Could be an option. I’ll look at it for sure. I do use an IPAD. So far so good.
Appreciate it

I have been using pix4dcapture for 2-3 years now without any problems.
I have suddenly geofence problems in the app in areas where there is no geofence due to DJI.
I am using a inspire 1 with a RedEdge MX camera.

When I am trying to use other flight planning software I can fly in the same zone without any problems.
Anyone who has seen this problem and know how to fix it ?

Regards Per Valentin Lund