mission is outside the geofence


i ve a error message


mission is outside the geofence.

What is it please

drone is beebop


Hi Stephane,

Could you share with us a screenshot and the name of your project?

Dear Pix4d Support,

im also have a same problem which is ‘‘mission is outside the geofence’’ appear. Because of that, i cant doing my mission.

Here im attached image of the error for you references. I hope can get the solution from you as soon as posible. Thank you.


This issue is due to the conflicts with the goefences parameter. Please make sure that the parameters are set properly in the drone vendor app and then try again.


Hi, i have tried the requested changes to the geofence parameters via the drone vendor app. and have been approved to fly, but Capture still wont allow me to take off. My flight is under the 120m limit (as defined by the restricted zone. I can fly using the DJI app, but not Capture. Any helpful hints and advice??


This is not the expected behavior. If you had defined the geofence parameters which is in the limit of the Pix4dcapture mission, you shouldn’t get that error. I would wait to see if any other users are having the same issue. I would as suggest you take off manually and then start a mission to see if that is helpful.


Cheers Kapil, will try as suggested.

en fait pour ces cas de figure, s’il a un modele parrot, qu’il aille dans les parametres du free flight pro pour l’activer et choisir le pays, il n’y a pas certains pays dans la liste comme c’est le cas du Togo, alors il peut chosir l’allemangne, ensuite, il va dabord un vol libre puis atterir et ensuite le geofence se corrige automatiquement et il pourra faire une planification de vol.

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