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[Android, iOS] tag/record waypoints to repeat flight routes, linear Flight

Is there a way to conduct a manual flight, tag waypoints, then repeat this autonomously over and over again.  Each flight would be a different project but all based on the waypoint routes that were establish initially (manual flight).


Mike Davis

Hi Mike,

This feature is not implemented in Pix4Dcapture. I will share your interest in this functionality with the developer’s team.
Can I ask you what would be the benefit of having this feature in your projects? Is it for regular inspection of defined locations?

Keep in mind, that having a sufficient overlap is important to get good reconstruction results of the area mapped. Then you would have to tag lots of waypoints and making sure that there are close enough to get a sufficient overlap (side, front). Pix4Dcapture is making that for you when you plan a mission.

Maybe the waypoints mode of DJI is similar to what you are searching.

Using Pix4Dcapture, going for a Freeflight mission is maybe the closest to your needs. However, you won’t have the possibility to save waypoints. Also, it requires some skills and I recommend to use it only if the other features in our app does not give you satisfying results. You can learn more about planning and flying a Free Flight mission at How to prepare and start a free flight mission