[Android] Help with Phantom 4 Pro

I recently purchased a P4P. I had a P4 before I lost it and it worked great with the Capture app. I am having tons of trouble with P4P. I keep getting “Mission not uploaded”, “camera setup failed”, “drone requires calibration” errors when trying to fly. I have been into the DJI Go 4 app and calibrated the IMU and compass. The firmware was updated too. Is there another calibration I need to do? I also get the “mission not uploaded to drone” error. Any advice? I’ve read through a number of these posts and also read DJI and Pix4D’s help menus. Thanks.

To many issues!

“Mission not uploaded”, have you checked coms between controller to bird for best channel? Maybe aircraft issue.

“Camera setup fail”, P4d tries to set sensor to auto ( may not the best configuration sometimes). Test flights may help to get best sensor setup, remember to check focus! Maybe aircraft issue, because of first issue!

“Drone requires calibration” Documentation has calibrations being done far to often in my opinion, but in some places (Cases) recalibrating your aircraft on sight maybe needed. Aircraft issue!

Please let us known if you solve these problems and how!