Analyse image quality (like in Agisoft)

In agisoft we can run an analyse tool to quickly check all the images quality. Very usefull tool to weed out some unwanted images in a 1.000+ set that have turned out of focus.
This values then would be displayed in the images table so they can be used to sort and then check them one by one.

Hi @pedro ,

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That’s an exciting idea, and I have shared it with the product team. Even though we cannot guarantee that a solution will be implemented, I can assure you that every piece of feedback is internally evaluated at Pix4D.

Are you expecting to be notified about specific quality issues of images?
I can imagine focus and motion blur. Do you have anything else in mind?


Hi @Daniele_Lecci!

Uploaded an example of bad image taken with a DJI Mavic 3E.

I rarely get this error, but it happens. Specially when using the oblique fligth mode from DJI Pilot 2.

But image quality can go many ways. Blur is definitely a good one.

Hi @pedro,

Thank you for the additional information and the example image. I have shared both with the product team.