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Alert in Camera Radiometric Correction section from quality report

Hi all,
I received a quality report with alert icon in every band from camera radiometric correction. Tried to check Quality Report Help from pix4d, but unfortunately it was not helpful.

I would like to understand the cause for this alert. Is it just the radiometric panel missing?


Could you please let us know if you are referring to this icon?

If yes, then you are right it is because you are not using a panel. I added the reflectance factor from the panel on the Green band of this example, and then you will see the green check.

Thanks for your quick answer. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but this is not the icon that I was referring to.

Uploaded a screenshot from the quality report. Is it the same meaning? Thanks in advance!

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 06-16-57


Yes, the same meaning. That means that no reflectance panel was used.

Knd regards,