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agrocam pix4d missions stopping

I have the Agrocam upgrade for the mavic pro. This is an NDVI camera that has it’s own gps and shoots in sync with the dji camera (i.e. the dji camera as run in pix4d shoots and thus triggers the agrocam to also take an image at the same time).


I have not been able to get the drone to complete a mission. When attached to Agrocam, I have had trouble getting GPS signal to move through the checklist. Sometimes, I can’t get the mission to initiate (i.e. take off) and on other occasions, once it takes off, I get a few images to shoot and then the mission stops and the drone hovers.

There is something with Agrocam that Pix4d does not like.


any suggestions on what I need to do?


Figured it out with help from Agrocam support, so thought I would post in case someone else has the same issue.


the gps for the agrocam is attached with adhesive to the back of the drone. I put mine at the very back so I could take the battery in an out without removing the adhesive. This is directly over the mavic’s gps sensor and caused interference (it had a hard time getting signal). This causes it to switch to ATTI mode midflight.


I moved the gps sensor onto the battery (you need to be careful that the propellers are clear of the cord) and it then worked perfectly. Thanks to Agrocam folks for getting back to me so quickly (within an hour of my email).



I am glad it works! And thank you for sharing the solution with us.