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AGL flight elevation: option to reference basemap service rather than takeoff point

Mapbox and ESRI are basemap options for the Capture App. These services can also supply SRTM or better DEM elevation data, so it seems possible to implement an option in Pix4D Capture that would make the Flight Height specification for a flight plan refer to a height above the basemap surface rather than the height above the takeoff point. This could be implemented by adjusting the flightline waypoints to a Z-value based on the underlying basemap DEM, then adding waypoints as necessary along each flightline based on the delta to the underlying DEM surface. This solution would avoid the need to upload and process custom DEMs (as MapPilot does).

This would be very welcome as new feature for the capture update. It could also use a 2 layer map system, one for drawing the maps (I use google maps, it is one of the most “update” platfotms. This makes the proccess of drawing the area of interest easier, as you can recognize points of interest faster) and a second one for elevation, there are a lot of elevation maps available on the market, even google has elevation maps available for free.

As a Disco pro AG pilot, this would help us a lot, since a lot of times we are mapping uneven terrains always on grid missions with a fixed height.

Please PIX4D make a poligon mission feature for the disco pro AG.

Hello everyone,

There are no plans to implement the above feature in 2020. If things change, we will post here to inform the community.

Thank you

Dear Px4d members,
Here’s my first post in your community support. Let me first congratulate you for this rather ergonomic piece of work.
Reading through this thread, I was wondering if a (too much) simple solution for the end user could be editing the JSON detailed mission file, tweaking each waypoint’s z coordinate:

    "waypoints": [
        "cameraOrientation": [
        "flags": [
        "location": [
        "orientation": [
        "radius": 0.0

In the above example, just changing 18.0 in the “location” section with the expected height e.g. 25.0 m would it be effective, or would this damage the transfer process to the device?



Welcome to Pix4D Community. I would not suggest editing those parameter because it might effect the flight waypoints and might lead into unexpected behaviors.