Add new Geoid model

Could be possible to add more geoid models in matic? we were using before Agisoft, but, we are not allow to use agisoft anymore, and now we use Pix4d, but we want to add a new Geoid. our Geoid is from NAMRIA in Philippines.

Hi @survey1

Thanks for creating a post!

I saw on the NAMRIA website that there are PGM2014, PGM2016 and PGM2018. Would you need all of them to be supported or only the most recent one?

For us to continue the process we would need to know:

  • The data license of these Geoid models. This will have an impact on whether we can add the Geoid directly.
  • Whether they are in the EPSG registry. If it is not, we likely need to contact the mapping agency.
  • Whether you could provide an example dataset with the Geoid (images, GCPs,…), so that we can use this for testing.