Include belgian geoid hBG18 into predefined vertical CRS


Is it possible to include belgian geoid hBG18 into local predifined vertical CRS ?
What type of file do you need to achieve that ?
All files can be found (.dat, .bin, .txt, .ggf, … ) using this link : GEOIDE 2018 - CGEOS - CREATIVE GEOSENSING SPRL


Hi @roland.cassart, we’re going to look into supporting the Belgian geoid. I’ll check with the developers and if we need something more, I’ll post here. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi @roland.cassart,

We have made the necessary preparation work to add the Belgian geoid to PIX4Dmatic, it has been added to PROJ, which is targeting a release beginning of March. Once this is done, we should be able to add it to PIX4Dmatic.

However, we are missing a dataset to test that our integration works correctly. Could you please share a dataset with us that uses the Belgian geoid model? e.g. with GCPs in that coordinate system.

If yes, please add a link here or reach out to our support team ( indicating that the dataset is for the PIX4Dmatic team.

Thank you!

Hi Pierangelo,

Thank a lot for this.

Of course, I can share a dataset, you’ll find attached the GCP file in EPSG 31370 using HBG18 Geoid but how can I send you the set of 890 images ? a zip file through ‘wetransfer’ ?


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Hi @roland.cassart , that’s great, thanks! I sent you a private message and we can continue there. I’ll post an update here once it was added.


@roland.cassart good news! we did all the necessary steps to add the hBG18 geoid model for Belgium to PIX4Dmatic and it is now available in the software starting from version 1.32.0. You can download it here:

Let us know if it works as expected :slight_smile: