Add mesh decimate tool

Trying to upload a mesh from a big project to cloud, but it is bigger than 1GB (limit for cloud).

Need a tool to decimate the original in matic or during export. Or maybe a size goal in the exporter.

Can reprocess the whole mesh, but for my 5.000+ images project, that will takes a hours…

we’ll try to change the mesh format, so that there is no more limitation on the size of the upload, this may be even better. hopefully in the first half of next year, or as soon as possible after that.

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That would be great!!

But the tool would still be usefull, specially for sending files to clients or when using them on other softwares that don`t do too well with big meshes for modeling, like OpenRoads or SketchUp, and mesh quality can be sacrificed for performance.

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