Add images process very slow

In the latest version, the process of adding images to the project is very slow. Both when adding the first time and when adding additional images.
The program has used 30 minutes to add about 600 images.

What’s the deal here?


It should not take so long to import images into PIX4Dmatic. I just did a test and it took 5 seconds to load 100 images (20 mpix).

Could it be that the images are stored on an external drive? What happens if you load them directly from the C drive? How big are the images?



Good point. I tested a new project with some images on my C drive. It goes a lot faster, about 2 minutes for 779 images, but its still a lot slower than it used to be.
I haven’t seen this before the last update.

The images are 15-20 Mb. 42mpix. In the previous versions, this has not been a problem.

We did some test and noticed that it can take longer to import images under certain circumstances. At the moment I do not have additional information as the investigation is ongoing.

I will update this post once we have more insights.


Hi Blaž

Friendly reminder here :slight_smile:

Any news? Getting a tad crazy of all the waiting for adding images :crazy_face:

Hi Atilla,

I checked with the team and they do not have additional information at this point. They plan to have a closer look in the following weeks.

Did you see any other regressions besides the image import is slower? I can share the preview version with you if you prefer to use it.


If you could share the preview version that would be great.

I have not seen other regressions.