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Accessing Cloud: Contact cloud and receiving permision

i would like to upload a scan to the PIX4dcloud. Screen is frozen and doesnt change. I dont want to delete the app because i will loose my data. What can i do?
My account information in the app on my ipad pro just shows a white screen.

Thanks, Christoph

Hi Christoph,

I would first just try fully quitting the app completely following these directions for your device: Close an app on your iPad - Apple Support

If that does not work, try restarting the iPad.

Kind regards,

George Brown

Hi Christophe,

This seems to be a very unusual error you’ve encountered, would you mind sending us the logs from the device so we can try to see what happened? (Either long press on a project and choose “Export Logs”, or from the project views, it is available from the drop down in the top right.)


George Brown

Hi George,

i was able to solve the problem. After restarting the app i noticed, if am am not connected to the internet with my ipad, i dont get the white screen (screenshot above), insted the account window is displayed correctly. So i connected to the internet after starting the app and heading to the account informations.

Thanks Christoph