absolute geolocation variance and GCP

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my RMS error of absolute geolocation variance is increasing after adding DGPS GCP’s to the project, how can i minimize my AGV RMS.Also one of my friend says its increasing because gcp’s are correcting the incorrect positions/geolocations with respect to their initial positions thatswhy variance/offset is coming but my understanding is GCP are correctig the data nearer to it. All other data away from GCP is not changing much and causing more errors of geolocation variance. please eloborate on the issue.

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The absolute Geolocation Variance represents the variance in the error in the geolocation accuracy. The variance is due to the geolocation information on the images. When you use the GCPs, you don’t need to look at the absolute geolocation variance table because your map will now be georeferenced based on your GCPs values.

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