Quality report analyse


For a project carried out with viDoc RTK without GCP processed on PIX4Dcloud, in the quality report “Absolute Geolocation Variances” does not represent the 3D accuracy of the points, but the geolocation error between the initial position and the calibrated position. What does an RMSE > 0.15 m mean, when in the “Relative Geolocation Variances” the “Average Geolocation Accuracy [m]” and the “Geolocation Accuracy Sigma [m]” < 0.03m?
What is the most representative indicator of the quality and accuracy of the point cloud result?


quality-report-2023-05-30-075542.pdf (2.2 MB)

Hi Adrien,
Thank you for opening the discussion about the Quality Report. Based on your feedback our team clarified the report, and we also corrected a bug.