Geolocation Variance red

Why is the Absolute Geolocation Variance red and how does it affect it ?

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The absolute geolocation variance is a measure of the accuracy of the initial image geolocation with respect to the optimized (computed by the software) positions. For a good project, the percentage of geolocation errors close to 0 should be as high as possible. A high mean value reveals that there is a systematic error in the image geolocation. In general, the image geolocation is less accurate than the GCPs. If there are GCPs in the project, it is possible to compute how accurate (or inaccurate) the image geolocation is.

A high percentage of images with a high error may also indicate:

  • Noise in the GPS device.
  • Poor synchronization between the GPS device and the camera.
  • Errors in the geotagging process.

You may find this article helpful Quality Report Help, and more information here Quality report specifications.

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