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About Sequoia plus tarjetless utility

About Sequoia plus tarjetless utility by Falcon Drones

Hi, we’ve notice on your web you are offering some new integration with the Sequoia plus sensor, enabling tarjetless calibration.

Is this a pure software costumazation? how does it work? is there any place where I could read more about it? We are about to make a decission between Rededge M or Sequoia and would be interesting to read into it.

Thanks for your time,


Dear Juan,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

It is both hardware and software improvement, performed together by Pix4D and Parrot. Thanks to improved calibration and state-of-the-art radiometry processing, accurate reflectance maps can be computed in a targetless workflow from Sequoia+ acquisitions.

All information are visible here ( A more detailed study assessing the performance of Sequoia+ will be presented at Whispers IEEE conference in September 2018.

Feel free to contact our sales team directly for more information and to purchase Sequoia+.