Sequoia+ versus Sequoia

Dear all

We own a sequoia cameras, but I don’t know whether it is a Sequoia or a Sequoia+.

Can anyone help me how to tell them apart?

Also, is there any difference between the two? (apart from the claim that the + version should give absolute reflectance values without a reflectance target)

On the Parrot Website I can’t find any technical document for the Sequoia+ (?!) but only for the Sequoia. So is it simply marketing?

Thanks a lot for your answer
Michi Simmler

Hi Michi,

thank you for your question.
The main difference is that the Sequoia+ provides absolute reflectance values without reflectance targets. The standard Sequoia needs the shot of the target in order to obtain the same.

You could check the EXIF metadata in the images and look for the Exif.Photo.MakerNote tag. If the value is 1, then the camera is Sequoia+.

Hi Daniele
Super, thanks a lot. I will check the EXIF data then to find out.

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Hi Michi,

I’m happy to hear that you have found my information helpful.
Have a great day.