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A3 / LB2 custom drone won't fly with standard Lipos

Though drone’s using A3 and LB2 with X3, Z3 or X5 cams are compatible with the capture app, t he app will not allow takeoff when using standard lipos as the app only searches for DJI intelligent batteries. All other capture apps compatible with M-600 also do not show percent, but still allow the drone to take off. PLEASE add voltage info or at least make the app talk to DJI go so it knows there is voltage in the packs, based on settings in A3. Been waiting for A3 / LB2 support for months. Was quite a bummer to be grounded for this reason. Appreciate any help…

Hi Derek,

Thank you for your interest in our products.

If the drone cannot fly with DJI GS PRO because no DJI battery is detected, it is probably a requirement for autonomous flight and we apply the same restrictions in Pix4Dcapture. Perhaps you can try to activate the advanced mode to fly:

Not sure it is an easy tweak, however, I reported this as a suggestion to the app product manager who will consider it for future development. In the meantime, we will also wait for more user feedback to evaluate the need.