403 Access Denied Error

Hi guys. I’ve been trying to download some outputs from my own datasets today, and I keep getting this error:

Not sure what to believe :frowning: Successful, or not.

I am logged into my own account, I am the owner of the datasets. My monthly “licence” has expired, but that’s OK because I am not planning any processing for a little while. I am simply trying to download a ortho image from a set of data that has already been processed.

Any ideas please?

Kind Regards

Now the platform is denying me access to whole projects.

What’s going on Pix4D?


Could you please first make sure to whitelist these:

Once that is done, please let me know if it helps. If you work in an environment where there is an IT department, their help might be needed to white list these.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)

Hi there, thanks for this. This is being access from home, so I have adjusted firewall settings in my router as suggested and nothing has changed. I am still experiencing the same problem. I have also tried in MS Edge and Chrome.

I’ll also try tomorrow at work using their network.

Thank you!

The problem seems to have been resolved now. Thank you.

Hi @perytonsurveys ,

Thank you for your reply.

I’m glad to know the problem has been resolved. :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)