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3DConnexion SpaceNavigator?

Hello, everyone! Has anyone has any luck configuring a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator 3D mouse to work with Pix4D?


A driver was requested awhile ago. It would help my work flow in ray-cloud very much.

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If we get more people voicing need here, I’m sure it would help.


Dear Eric and Gary,

Thank you for your feedback. We have noted the request for this feature and will review the feasibility of supporting this hardware in future releases.

Best regards,

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Thanks P4d!

Please let us know what your thoughts are.

Working in 3D space needs 3D tools both software and hardware.

Thanks very much again!

Good news!

For about 1 year I made the same request to SenseFly, one of the provider of re-branded Pix4D software. So I’m happy to see that 3DConnexion product could be (soon?) supported in Pix4D products.

The possibility to make use of 3d-mice in the rayCloud-editor would be a big plus.

Best regards

I’m still waiting for it. Working in a 3D simulation with a normal mouse is unprofessional and exhausting.

Any update on this? It would be very helpful with our fast paced workflows.


Dear all,

We still have this suggestion in our list of feature to add.
Our product development team applies some priority in selecting the features for each Pix4Dmapper release.

They try to consider as many suggestions as possible but the priority is given to most requested features by the users.
We are doing our best to meet everyone’s expectations. If and once this is implemented, you will be automatically notified by the newsletter that comes with each new release of the software.

Best regards,

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I requested this like two years ago as well.

Given how hard it is to make decent fly-through trajectories, it would seem like an obvious no-brainer to provide support for a widely used third party controller that would make this job way, way easier. This in turn could result in a lot more great movies being made featuring pix4d models which surely would help pix4d sales?

Please incorporate this hardware support in its next version, it would be very helpful, I use this tool to other software and gives excellent visual results


Best regards,

Since new features are prioritized by the number of requests received, please add me as one who would love to see the 3DConnexion hardware supported in Pix4D.  I actually have their SpaceMouse Pro, rather than the SpaceNavigator, but they seem very similar and I would guess that if one were supported it would be very easy to support the other.



Jeff Moersch

Third? Another user who would love the 3D mouse capabilities within Pix4D.

This would definitely be a very useful feature being able to use a 3D mouse rather than having to export point clouds into another software just so I feel comfortable navigating around.

The Pix4Dmapper software was improved a lot this last times, which is really great, but the support for 3D mouse is still missing. The implementation of 3Dconnexion support shoud not be so hard (see and this would bring a lot of comfort while working in the rayCloud editor.

Can Pix4D offer us 3D mouse support as Christmas gift?

Best Regards,

Merry Christmas!!


3Dconnexion device support would be a huge help for Raycloud editing and just general 3D navigation/viewing, please add it!

Still waiting!

Me Too!

But with so many bugs being introduced in these incremental updates, seem this feature is very far down the list.


Hello All,

Unfortunately, this feature has not been on the top of the priority list yet and there is no development yet in this direction. Instead, there are many other features developed that try to better meet your needs. Having said that, we do agree that the rayCloud is an excellent environment for a 3D mouse. This feature is still in our suggestion list, but it will not be included for the moment.

Best regards,