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3D Model Comparison: Need Help!

I used the same dataset for three different platforms. DJI Terra, Pix4D Desktop, and Pix4D cloud. The results are attached. I am using the Zenmuse P1 camera, high-resolution, full image size, and minimum matches 5. Updated software 4.7.5

I need some help:

  1. How do I remove the brown part connected to the Pix4D desktop 3D model?

  2. How do I import from DJI Terra, I have several output options to choose from, I attempted the LAS and 3D model files unsuccessfully? The files from DJI are very large and look to be broken up into three separate files as opposed to one, I will verify DJI Terra’s output options more closely.

  3. I want to use Pix4D cloud to share the work, but I create better models, at the moment, in another platform. I am new to Pix4D, I am attempting to incorporate this app into our workflow, just need help with my learning curve to help evaluate the software. I am on a paid subscription.

Hello @james4 , and welcome to the PIX4Dinspect community!
Just by looking at your screenshots, I would say the best software for this kind of projects would be PIX4Dinspect, so why don’t you give it a try?!
Below you’ll find a few helpful links:

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!