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3D mesh


  1. dear experts, whether export of 3D model in a thermovision range is possible?

I receive the necessary model in Pix4D (picture No. 1), but the customer needs model not in Pix4D, their company works in other software product. When I export model, the range changes on black-and-white

  1. Who has an experience of export of a 3D model from Pix4D in ContextCapture? .fbx or .ply expansions


I hope for your responsiveness!

Picture № 1

picture #2

Dear Konstantin,

Have you tried adjusting the color map in an external software, such as CloudCompare? The 3D model is not exported together with the color map.

Dear Theodora,

for further processing I used the SCAN Credo-3D program, loaded a cloud of points there, but in it there is no function to paint a cloud in a thermovision range.

  1. CloudCompare allows to paint a cloud and a 3D model in a thermovision range?
  2. CloudCompare free program?

Hello Konstantin,

CloudCompare is a free software. You can load the point cloud in CloudCompare by clicking File > Open. After the point cloud is loaded, please click on Edit > Colors > Height Ramp > choose Custom and choose a First color (in your case, purple) and a Second color (yellow). You can interactively adjust the color ramp, so that it matches the thermal map in Pix4D. It is important to know which are the low and high values, in order to correctly adjust your color ramp. 

Hopefully this helps.