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2 sources of data

Hello. I use both Mapper and Fields, as one complements the other. Indeed, I preferentially work with Fields, because I map agricultural plots, and it allows me to carry out automatic zoning.
On the other hand, having 2 data sources (RGB and NIR, coming from a dual 4K camera from Sentera), I have to use Mapper to calculate an NDVI (impossible to do this in Fields). Once the map is done in Mapper, I export it to Fields to continue the process.
But a second problem arises: I need to segment the map (if it is not done “natively”, the zoning is carried out on all the pixels, including those of the ground), because the crops are in strips and present a lot of bare soil. For that I use the Kent formula in Fields, but this one is impossible to do in Mapper because there is no function “min” and “max” in the index calculator.
Is there an alternative solution without going through a third software? Will Sentera camera compatibility be implemented in Fields?
Thank you for your reply


Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are checking with Sentera to directly add the camera as a rig into our Pix4Dfields camera database. However, I still do not have an exact day for this. As soon as we finish working with Sentera on this, we will inform our users in our release notes: Pix4Dfields release notes – Support

At the moment, you can process the images of cameras separately in Pix4Dfields. Still, I understand you need the NDVI, so you need the bands of both sensors simultaneously. The issue is that the cameras are not synchronized. You could process individually in Pix4Dfields, get the reflectance bands you need for the NDVI, and then using the index calculator. If you fly high, you will get better results, but still not perfect. You can double-check in the case to see if this helps you.

The advice would be that you continue using Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dfields for now. You can process the cameras separately in Pix4Dmapper and then merge them; after merging, they will align Merging multispectral projects in Pix4Dmapper – Support

Hope this helps you, and I am passing your feedback to our product team about Sentera and also that you need a zonation map excluding info of the ground. Can you please let us know which crops are you working with?


Hello Fernanda.

We use Pix4D Fields for lavender crops.

Could you explain more precisely this part:

Can I make a new map with each band needed (red and NIR)?


Sorry for the confusion, my mistake. I was thinking about a workaround, I just checked and you can not do it. I imported the NIR and Red bands as 2 different GeoTIFFs, and then the index calculator is not available in Pix4Dfields. We might need the two bands as 1 single geotiff.

ok I have a question about this so I put it in the Mapper community

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