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min max fonctions (index)

Hello. I use both Mapper and Fields, as one complements the other. Indeed, I preferentially work with Fields, because I map agricultural plots, and it allows me to carry out automatic zoning.
On the other hand, having 2 data sources (RGB and NIR, coming from a dual 4K camera from Sentera), I have to use Mapper to calculate an NDVI (impossible to do this in Fields). Once the map is done in Mapper, I export it to Fields to continue the process.
But a second problem arises: I need to segment the map (if it is not done “natively”, the zoning is carried out on all the pixels, including those of the ground), because plots present a lot of bare soil between lines of crop. For that I use the Kent formula in Fields, but this calculation is impossible to do in Mapper because there is no function “min” and “max” in the index calculator.
Is there an alternative solution without going through a third software? Are these min and max functions going to be added?
Thank you for your reply

Hello, we replied to your feedback here:2 sources of data - #3 by newtech.crieppam2

Thanks for sharing it with us.


thanks, I saw your reply.
but the min and max functions for indices will still be interesting in Mapper …

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what is the method to merge 2 groups of photos (RGB and NIR) and export only one GeoTiff?


You can try with QGIS, you can use the virtual raster to stack the bands and create a composite.

So, it is not possible with Mapper? I’m not very familiar with QGIS…


Pix4DMapper generates a reflectance map of each band (no composite). So you can still use the reflectance maps and calculate vegetation indices inside of Pix4Dmapper. You can import these vegetation indices to Pix4Dfields without issues.

However, you can not create a composite map in Pix4Dmapper. You can use QGIS virtual raster tool. I am attaching the workflow to follow in QGIS (Please see at the end of the article): How to Process MicaSense Sensor Data in Pix4D – MicaSense Knowledge Base

Thanks Fernanda, I will try with this tutorial.

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