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16 Bit per color channel processing problem

Hello, I have been involved in a huge mapping project. I am currently evaluating Agisoft, Inpho and Pix4d, which I like very much. We mapped an area of about 10x6 Km which resulted in a 2800 pictures. I’m using a Canon EOS-1 that gives me 48-bit RAW .CR2 images. I converted 48-bit RAw images to 48-bit Tiff in order to maintain the images as original as possible. But it seems that Pix4D is not able to process 48-bit Images… for certain reason Pix4d picks up the tiff images and then it converts them to Black and White JPG images, and the results I get is a black and white over saturated mosaic. When I convert the tiff images to 24-bit I get the correct results.

Is there any way that pix4D can recognize 48-Bit images?. My sugestion is to at least internaly process 48-bit images has 24-bit images.

48-bit stands for 16 Bits per channel
24-bit stands for 8 Bits per channel

Thank you

Hi Jesus,

The problem comes from the fact, that we do not have your camera model for 16 bit images in our camera database. So, we do not know how the color is distributed (range).

To add this information, you should:

  1. Export your user camera database:
  2. Open the user camera database with Notepad ++.
  3. Search for the camera model (Canon EOS-1) by the EXIF ID.
  4. Just after the camera distortions, you should add a line:

<pixelValue pixelType=“8” min=“0” max=“65535”/>

Set pixelType=“8”, for unsigned 16 bit images.

You should give the correct color range (min, max) based on the histogram of your images. 

  1. Save the edited camera model database.
  2. Import it again into Pix4Dmapper:


Best regards,



I have also 48-bit images and thus tried to add the line in the camera database. However, after adding this line, the database can not be imported anymore.

This is the camera database file:

As you can see I only added the line no. 20:

Please help!