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Too much uncalibrated images


When processing the images from dji matrice 300 zenmuse P1 camera, we encounter large no of uncalibrated images leaving a lot of red patches in the ray cloud. When the orthomosaic is created, those red areas are not stiched properly. Any possible reason for this?

No of images : 12000 roughly
GPU - Nvidia GeForce 3080 Ti RTX
RAM - 128GB
CPU - RYZEN 9 16 - core
Target Drive - 1TB SSDProcessing: 5190170E-BC48-4665-8DBC-9513F8CB057E.jpeg…
Processing: 986DFAF5-1381-43C1-BA46-CFE7EDB7C8A1.jpeg…
Processing: 9BC6DBBE-E157-4B9B-85F9-39E9C05993CC.jpeg…

Hi shaluka2012,

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Could you please let me know which version of PIX4Dmapper you are using?
If you agree, could you please share the quality report of the project?



We are using version 4.6.4 of the pix4d mapper. We have purchased 25 licenses for the perpetual license

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Hi Shaluka2012,

Thank you for your answer.
could you please try to create a new project using PIX4Dmapper version 4.7.3?
This fixed issues linked to Zenmuse P1 camera.

Let me know how it goes.



I tried the new update you suggested. It seems like the number of uncalibrated images have reduced to a certain extent. But there are still some areas ( red patches) with uncalibrated cameras. I have attached the quality report of the initial process and a screenshot. Could you please check it? It seems like there is no problem with the images taken from the P1 ( There are no focus errors or anything). We need to sort this out as soon as possible, as we are working on a project covering 180 km2 which will result in thousands of images. We need our final orthomosaic in good quality.

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(Attachment pix4d Capture.PNG is missing)

RWP_A3_P1_report.pdf (145 KB)

Thank you for the additional information, Shaluka.

Note that the upload of PNG is not working. Please upload a JPG.

What is the soil cover in that area? Is there a water body?

From your quality I see that you used Keypoints Image Scale: 0.25. This is good for very large projects with high overlap, a scale of 1/4 (quarter image size) can be used to speed up processing, but less keypoints are computed. Please try using Keypoints Image Scale 1 or 1/2 and let us know.