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Zoom on the pictures

In order to be able to use Pix4D as a all-in one software (mapping and inspection) it would be nice to be able to click on the cameras in the RayCloud to zoom in on them. (For now there is only that picture on the right that is unusable). 

I know it is possible to enlarge the picture in the MapView although this only allows to open the picture in a pop up window but not actually to zoom in on it. 

The fact it is only available in MapView is a limitation as it is not adapted for 3D models inspection. For example a bridge. 


On top of all that, it would be nice to measure directly distances on those images. 


Milan Reniers

The picture on the right side is usable when you reduce the number of tiepoints it shows using the slider on the right.

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Agreed with Jaakko. Moving the slider on the right to the top will display only few keypoints (the number tells how many images were matched for these keypoints), so that you can have a look at the image.

For inspection I would proceed differently though. I would directly click a pixel in the point cloud. This will display all the images on which this pixel is visible. This enables you to inspect not only one image, but all the images that see a specific place in your model. 

Pro tip : if you hover over one of the images and click the space bar, it gets full screen. This also works for the image with the keypoints. You can zoom in with the scroll wheel of your mouse as much as you’d like with that. 

Let me know what you think about that workflow. :slight_smile:

Jaakko Laihola, Pierangelo Rothenbühler, 

Thank you for your feedback. I was thinking removing the keypoints would not really help as the picture size is still small. But with this hover (spacebar) technique where you can also zoom in on the pictures … this makes everything easy. 

Thanks again. 

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I want to second the request and offer some feedback. it would great to be able to open a photo from the images on the right of the screen. Since it is already showing the file name, why not just allow us to right click and say “open photo, or open location” This would help very much for some reports and other information.

Milan Reniers: you are welcome! Glad that it is helpful. 

Cesar Rullier: Could you please elaborate on the advantage of opening the image files directly, instead of displaying the image full screen with the space bar? More specifically, how would this improve the creation of reports and other information that you have mentioned? This will help to understand the need in more detail. Thank you! 

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Sure, for one when you hit the space bar then picture opens on top of the raycloud editior. It would love to be able to move it out of the way ont a second screen.

Then, being able to quickly find the photo in windows explorer allows me to insert the photo into a word document with ease, without having to “hunt” for the photo. 

Overall I feel that Pix4D could use a little bit more development in the picture management. 

I hope I am doing a good job explaining the need Pierangelo

Good news regarding moving the image to a second screen. This is possible by clicking on the button shown below: 

This unlinks the rayCloud and the images. You can move this separate window to a second screen. Then, the image gets full screen on the second screen when hitting the space bar. 

As for the accessing of images, the shortest path at the moment would be to have the folder open on the computer. A fast way to access the images would be to click here: 

Thanks for taking the time to explain your feedback, it’s helpful to better understand the needs.

Thank you for those recommendations, but they close but are not quite what I was suggesting.
It would be great if you can pass on my thoughts to development.

Will do! Thanks Cesar.