Zonation with "Equal Spacing" classifying method to track field progress between dates

This functionality was already present in Pix4D Mapper.

If the data in the index is classified with “Equal Spacing”, each group would be grouped by a fixed range of index values, this groups would be the same in different dates análisis so it would be a fare comparison between dates to check the field progress.

Also, zonations should calculate the percentage of area in each group like Pix4DMapper.

This link shows the missing Pix4DFields functionality present in Pix4DMapper: https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/202560519-How-to-edit-the-Color-Mapping-in-the-Index-Calculator

Those are good points, we are about to redesign the zonation feature soon, and will take this into account,thank you.