Templates for Pix4dFields?

Good morning,
I used Pix4d fields for a couple of months for my company activity.
In our work we have to process data for many different customers fields in a day, doing each time the same exact processing that is import images, create map, create five different indexes, set boudaries, make zonation and finally export the required outputs.
The problem is that all theese steps have to be done one by one manually (or not?).
In the time of using the product I explored (i believe) all it’s main features but didn’t find a way to automatize the processing.
Would be important for our activity to have a way to give to the software the input of photo folder, boundari file, predefined elaboration template and let it process for 30-40 minutes instead of having to manually intervene to launch the next step.
Does exists in Pix4Fields someting similar to the Templates, as in Pix4d mapper, or something other that allows to create a sort of batch processing?
Thanks for any help or suggestion.

Hi Claudio,

your request makes complete sense. Right now, there is no such automation for PIX4Dfields itself.
We have our SDK, PIX4Dengine, which could be beneficial for you.

Let’s continue on the support ticket.