Yuneec H520 CGO-ET & Pix4dAG

Are there plans to, or can Pix4dAG already integrate/use CGO-ET Thermal camera from yuneec?

For thermal cameras a resolution of at least 640x480 pixels is recommended, because with smaller sensors the images typically do not calibrate. This article describes what thermal cameras are compatible with Pix4D software. From Yuneec’s page, it seems that the resolution of the thermal camera is at 160x120pixels, which is not sufficient. However, you might be able to use the low light camera at 1920x1080pixels. 

For the moment we do not have this camera in the Pix4D camera database. However, you can create a new camera model by following the camera calibration procedure described in this article

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Lets pretend the low light calibrates.  When the camera takes the low light image it also saves a Thermal image.  Could those images be calibrated being they are essentially just an overlay ?


If the low light images would calibrate, then maybe with further integration and a dedicated camera model it might be possible (e.g. a rig camera model). In such a case, a requirement for calibrating the thermal images based on the low light images would be that they are perfectly synchronized, i.e. the thermal and low light images are taken exactly at the same time. However, it is unclear from the specifications sheet if the low light camera is only recording video or also still images and even in that case it is not guaranteed that it would work.