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WorkstationPC vs GamingPC

From what I understand, the processors in game machines are built to solely incorporate fast screen response.  So the processor in a workstation is built differently than a processor in a gaming computer, is this correct? I have to wonder why a gaming PC with that much hardware in it is cheaper than workstations and even with a corporate deal on them.  We had the sales rep tell us to get a high-end gaming PC, which is how I ended up down this rathole.

Gaming sites say the CPU doesn’t matter and to just get the biggest GPU card you can afford as long as the CPU is modern enough.

The 3D modeling sites say GPU can be a gaming unit but CPU should be a workstation unit(Xeon) and the ram on workstation units have something called “ECC RAM”.

From the Pix4D benchmarks research it looks like the bigger faster the units we can through at it the better, more RAM, faster CPU, more/faster GPU, faster SSD

Seems to very confusing to me.

Below are the 2 units I’m looking at.

Dell precision tower 7810

New Alienware area-51 Threadripper

any help is much appreciated



The strong suit of gaming PCs is their GPU, because that’s a main part of what is required for playing games. For photogrammetry the processing relies on the CPU, RAM and hard drive in addition to the GPU and the setup needs to be balanced so that there is no bottleneck.

I found some interesting discussions on Quora on the comparison between gaming PCs and workstations:

I do not have specific recommendations on the two computers, but I can recommend having a look at these discussions: