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Windows 10

So apparantely I’m getting windows 10 on July 27th according to Microsoft :slight_smile: I’m assuming everything will work hunky dory !!



Hello Paul,

Potentially it should works with Windows 10 without any problem, but we will get as well Windows 10 as soon as it come and we are planning a deep test to ensure that works with Windows 10 since it will be supported.


Any news on Win10 compatibility?

Dear all,

Our Developers tested Pix4Dmapper with Windows 10 and we officially confirm that it works fine!

Best regards,

I am having terrible luck with windows 10 and pix4d. I am running a laptop that has 2 NVIDA GTX 980’s and 64GB of RAM. However, the program work whenever I try and click new project, or other options. It does however register the click if I move the window to the right and the move it back. But it does not register the click when I am in RayCloud view and trying to look at the pictures from individual points. Has anyone else had this problem?

Dear James,

Are you still facing this issue? Which version of Pix4Dmapper are you using? It sounds like a GPu issue, so we would first recommend you to install the latest driver for your GPU and try again. 

Also, we have noticed some issues with laptops with 2 GPUs. If updating the drivers does not solve the issue, can you please try to select one GPU to be used by Pix4Dmapper. To do so, you can right click the icon of Pix4Dmapper on the Desktop and then select the graphics processor. You can try with both of them to see which one works.

Please let us know if this solves the issue.

Best regards,

I was still having issues after updating my GPU to the latest driver so I installed Windows 7 and it ended up working fine. Could never get it to work with Windows 10. Don’t know what it was but it works with 7 now.