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will a 100 Mp camera actually increase my horizontal and vertical accuacies in UAV Surveying?

Hello all:

We currently fly the DJI M600 Pro with the Zenmuse X5R 20 Mp camera.  We generally fly between 200 and 300’ AGL to assure overlap and coverage and we get decent Surveying level Horizontal and Vertical accuracies (0.02’ - 0.4’ Horizontally and 0.20’ Vertically respectively). We Survey-in our GCP’s minimum four usually 6-8, and mark them on ALL photos they’re visible. Our GSD is usually right around 0.7 to  1 inch or so (+/-).


So I’ve seen a few Surveyors talking about using a 100 Mp camera, i.e. Hasselblad for example, and began wondering.  If I upgrade, will this increase my H and V accuracies and precisions? Perhaps marking the GCP’s on images being a little easier??


Thank you,

Alex Wolfe Parnes, PSM

County Surveyor

Pasco County, Florida

First best is to obtain data from sensors that interest you to correlate outputs .

Cost of Hasselbland for better GSD seem excessive to me.

There are better solutions but all have their own idiosyncrasies.

Penalties for power/weight compared to the x5r are considerable.

I would recommend against large arrays unless specifically optimized & designed for your needs.


I know I am a bit late here but the pixel density of those 100MP cameras is no better or even worse than the Sony a7R ii, which is 1/20th the cost.  Both of these will equally improve your GSD from the X5R (depending on lens mm) so it is up you on spending $4,000 or $80,000 to do the same job.