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Which drive does Pix4D use?

I have a 128GB SSD and I was wondering if I might use it for the Pix4D processing. The question is what drive does the processing get carried out on - is it the one which has the Pix4D program on or the one where the image and project files are located assuming they are on 2 different drives?

Hello Steve,

If you install the Pix4Dmapper on the SSD, then the software will load faster when launching it. If you select the SSD as the drive that the results and the initial images are stored, the images will be loaded faster and the results will be saved faster, reducing the processing time, especially for step 3. 

Therefore, it is recommended to use the SSD to save the images and the results while processing. Once the project is processed you can also save it on a HDD so as to free space of the SSD to be used for future projects.

Best regards,