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Main or secondary drive

I was unable to find a similar thread for the question I have. My main drive is a SSD 256G that Pix4D is installed on and processes on. My secondary drive is a HDD 1TB drive I use for storage. Can I use the secondary drive to save my data DURING the processing phases or should I stick to the main drive to save my processed data until it is completed? 

I use up the main drives free space very quickly and have to constantly push saved projects to the secondary drive. Will it slow down my processing speed if I were to open and save projects from the secondary drive?

Hi John,

You can split the images and the project folders. The images can be on one drive while the project is being processed on another drive. It will probably slow down the processing steps that use the input images. Note that all data generated during processing cannot be separated. Everything is stored where the project was last saved.