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Pix4D using random slow hdd disk to dump stuff for cache

Here is the problem: I just build a new system. I have 2TB NVMe SSD that is a system drive with windows and programs installed with 300GB used. Yesterday, I have connected an additional 2TB hard drive to the computer as it contians some of my personal photos and I was planing to use it occasionally to store system images.
I have then proceeded to work on the Pix4D project and started rendering part2. When I came back few hours later; Pix4D was using the ole hdd spinner for something. Even loading the newly generated point cloud was done from the spinner hdd.
Question is:
a. why?
b. why not give users an option to specify where the storage cache should reside?
c. that drive should not be used in my system for anything other than backup images, the main SSD contains more than enough storage and speed to be used for everything by the Pix4D.

Hi @computerfix,

Could you share with us the .log file of your processing?

I’d help us analyse the issue you described.

Thank you in advance!

Will do.
Thank you for responding.

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