When to change Point Density?

I am not seeing a response from Pix4Dmapper when following these instructions:

“Point cloud density Increase point density Alt + “+” Decreases the number of points visible (improves performance on slow computers)
Decrease point density Alt + “-” Increases the number of points visible (requires better computers)”

Am I missing some important contextual information in the 4.1 Manual, and on this page"?:

" Important: It is possible to change the Points Density by Press “Alt” + “+” or “AltGr” + "- " in order to increase or decrease the density, “Alt” + “0” reset the Points Density to default values."

I was expecting to use those commands to change the appearance of the point cloud after it was generated, however maybe the author(s) were referring only to the settings in Processing Step 2 before generation of the point cloud.

Hi John,

Our apologies. This functionality was removed at some point in the past, and the article was never updated. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.