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Thinning the point cloud

Good morning all:

so we flew a very redundant set of images for a project, with a very large % overlap, and our point cloud is enormous.  So much so that it keeps crashing our AutoCAD/Civil 3D.


  1. do any of you know how to “thin” the point cloud density within Pix4D, if that’s even possible?  We still must make sure we have adequate coverage and density but we’d love to thin the data down to a more manageable amount.

  2. Or is the only way to do this create a new project and just use every OTHER photo instead of the whole set?

Thank You,

Alex W. Parnes, PSM

County Surveyor

Pasco County, Florida

Cloudcompare can help.

Feel free to contact if you have other questions.

Guessing that sink holes could be the POI!?!?!




Hi Alex.

Gary Is correct that you can use cloud compare to lower the point density of an existing project. That’s a great suggestion if you don’t want to regenerate the pointcloud. To generate a pointcloud with fewer points from the beginning you can use a processing area to make sure there are no unneeded points.  You can also modify step 2 processing options to lower the number of points generated. Here is a link to the step 2 processing options to help you out: