choose the point cloud manually

I would get only a certain number of point cloud, for example, 60 points per hectare and not 6000 or more points in order to work in civil 3d point group and make appropriate changes to BE ABLE.
I would like to know if pix 4d have the option to choose the number of points that I require and be able to export them to work manually each of the points?
I await your response as soon as possible, thank you carefully gustavo

Hi Rafael, 

At the moment it is not possible to select the exact point density that should be used for the densified Point Cloud created during step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh. 

However, it is possible to select parameters that will create less points for the densification, see the following options in blue: 
More specifically, it is possible to select “Low (fast)” as parameter for Point Density instead of “Optimal” for example. 
Another option would be to increase the Minimum Number of Matches necessary to create a point in the Point Cloud. In the example above, it is set to 3, which means that there need to be three keypoints matched to create a point. If you set this to 4 or 5, it will require more keypoints that are matched, which will reduce the amount of points created. Note that for areas that have only few images, this might create too few points in the densified Point Cloud. 

We have added the idea to select a specific number for the point density in an area, so that it is more compatible with Civil 3D to our suggestions list for future developments.